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    GB 501 PG2
    GB-501 PG2
    PowerG, Wireless Glass-break Detector

    GB-501 PG2 is a digital glass-break wireless detector compatible with PowerMaster intrusion alarm systems and PowerG receivers. It is designed for a wide range of residential and commercial applications where reliable glass-break detection is required.

    KF 235 PG2

    Keyfob KF-235 PG2

    PowerG Wireless Keyfob Transmitter

    KF-235 PG2 is a slim 4-button keyfob that is used to perform most of the common alarm commands: arming and disarming, emergency signaling, panic alarm and viewing the system status. Using the KF-235 PG2 keyfob is as easy as activating a car alarm. It provides instant visual verification that the requested command has been successfully executed. There is no need to remember codes and it is small enough to fit in a pocket.

    Tower 32AM PG2
    TOWER-32AM PG2
    Mirror Dual Technology Detector with Anti-masking

    The TOWER-32AM PG2 dual technology detector combines advanced PIR detection algorithms with K-band microwave detection to dramatically reduce false alarms events even in harsh residential and commercial installations. The unique anti-disguise mode increases detection reliability by detecting an intruder who manipulates his body temperature to be very close to the ambient temperature.