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POLON 6000

POLON 6000

Fire alarm control panel:

Product Description


Fire alarm control panel is dedicated for signaling of fire danger after receiving information from connected detectors or manual call points. The control panel coordinate operation of all devices in the system and makes decisions regarding fire alarm, control of alarm and fire protective devices and transmitting the fire information to the monitoring center or supervising system.

The control panel POLON 6000 is recommended for protection against fire in middle-size, big and very big buildings, in particular buildings with complex structure or multi located like hotels, offices, warehouses, historical objects, factories, “intelligent” buildings with a big number of cooperating security and fire automatics devices. The system can be ease integrated with a number of present on the market BMS systems.

Design and functionality

The fire alarm control panel POLON 6000 has been designed as a modular device with distributed structure. It consist of many unified modules with different features which singly or as a sets (nodes) can located in different location in entire building even far away one to another. All modules in one node and nodes between themselves are connected with a common, doubled digital data bus.

The control panel is a scalable device – it can be loosely created with modules and nodes with numbers related to the individual building requirements. It can be also easy expand with another nodes if necessary. Such a design enables to optimize necessary equipment of the control panel, which is installed only in the location where it is required and lower the cost of installation offering high reliability of the system operation. It is guaranteed by the double microprocessor controllers, data bus and cable connection between nodes.

Fire alarm control panel POLON 6000 consist of main operator panel PSO-60 with 10” touchscreen and following functional modules: two loops module MLD-61 and MLD-62, input/output module MKS-60, relays’ module MPK-60, sounders’ module MWS-60, high voltage relays’ module MPW-61, inputs’ module MWK-60, power supply module MZP-60, printer module MD-60 and transmission modules MTI-61, MTI-62and MTI-63.

Main panels and functi onal mules are installed in unifi ed housings with standard dimensions, which can be join together as a multi -housing panel. Such connected housings with functional modules can be a node. The control panel need to have at least one node where the main operator panel PSO-60 with number 1 is installed. This is the main node and as such can be only one in whole system.All another equipment made so-called remote nodes, which need to be connected to the main node.

Communication between nodes is by using double cable connection or double fiber optic connection using RS-485 protocol. Every single node should to be equipped with power supply module.  In each node of the control panel may be linear modules, to which can be connected control lines and control modules for direct control of automation fire devices. In each node can be PSO-60 operator panel working as an additional access point to the system.

Number of potential-free relay outputs 64000
Number of potential outputs 600
Number of monitoring inputs 64000
Supply voltage: main 50Hz, 230V +10% – 15%
Supply voltage: standby 17Ah to 134Ah
Alarm transmission delay time 0 to 10min
Max. loop capacity 300nF
Max. loop current 20mA (50mA)
Max. detection line resistance 2x100Ohm
Graphic display resolution 800 x 600 pixels
Detection line type loop with ability to eliminate short circuit or wire break
Compatibility with devices computer, digital surveillance system
Number of detection lines 396
Number of addresses on a loops 250
Ingress protection IP 30
Operating temperature range from -10°C to 40°C


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